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Doug Nelson First Part is my Story, how I survived a Natural Gas explosion that nearly took my life, and the transformational realization that I was in a VERY unique position... I was the only one in the Hospital Unit that did not have to worry about money coming in, because of the way I had created my own Economy... it was coming in each and every week!

The PROBLEM: I uncover the major problems with 'The Economy' that keep you STUCK financially, I bust open some commonly held financial beliefs and expose them for what they really are...big fat MYTHS... and of course I talk about the Three hands in your pocket that may be costing you a FORTUNE, and what to DO about them!

Third is the SOLUTION: The "How to's" of Igniting your Own Economy & becoming financially free! The actual OFFENSE & DEFENSE strategies of the Financial Freedom Playbook. What do you need to do and what skills must you must master to get there! And I have included Powerful Exercises that will actually move you TOWARDS Financial Freedom!

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by Douglas S Nelson

"Financial Freedom is a goal many chase after, you won't have to chase any longer after reading this book, you will be equipped and on fire to make some serious changes in your financial life"

"Catch on Fire with passion and read this book like your financial life depends on it, because it does!"

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